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Coach Norman Lew

Coach Norman Lew

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AFY Girls Volleyball

2017 AFY Volleyball Awards

2016-17 Volleyball Schedule




1. Official Practice may begin on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

2. The pre-season meeting will be on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm in the Athletic Office.

3. Eligibility Lists are due in the Athletic Office on Thursday, January 12, 2017.

4. All league games start at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted. The match shall be a forfeit if one or both

teams are not ready for play 20 minutes after start time.

5. Uniform Requirement: Teams and players will wear uniforms that comply with NFHS Rules.

6. Winning and losing coaches are required to report game results to the Athletic Office at:

Phone (415) 920-5187; Fax (415) 920-5189; e-mail:

If no score is reported within two working days (48 hrs.) of a match, a FORFEIT will result.

7.  The postseason meeting will be on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 4:00 pm in the Athletic Office.



DATE                             VISITOR                         HOME                         SITE                         NOTES

JAN 20 FRI                      ROOSEVELT                 FONG YU                      ROOSEVELT

JAN 25 WED                   FONG YU                      GIANNINI                      GIANNINI

FEB 1 WED                     FONG YU                      FRANCISCO                  FRANCISCO

FEB 3 FRI                        MARINA                       FONG YU                       MARINA

FEB 6 MON                      LAWTON                      FONG YU                       EUREKA VALLEY

FEB 8 WED                      APTOS                         FONG YU                       APTOS

FEB 13 MON                    FONG YU                      ROOFTOP                     EUREKA VALLEY

FEB 15 WED                    FONG YU                      VIS VALLEY                   VIS VALLEY

FEB 22 WED                    PRESIDIO                     FONG YU                       PRESIDIO




(1)                         B2                         A1                                     A1 SITE

(2)                         B1                         A2                                     A2 SITE

(3)                         A6                         A3                                     A3 SITE

(4)                         A5                         A4                                     A4 SITE



WINNER (4)             WINNER (1)                         HIGHER SEED SITE

WINNER (3)             WINNER (2)                         HIGHER SEED SITE



MAR 7 TUE                         SEMI-FINAL WINNERS KEZAR 4:00pm


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Click for Citywide Middle School Volleyball Standings & Results

2012 Girls Volleyball Team

2012 Girls Volleyball Team

Message from Coach Lew


This has been one of our best seasons ever.  Our Red Dragon Volleyball players, led by team chosen co-captains, Kelly Simon and Lauren Marquez, came just two wins away from our first championship.  (Regular season 7-2).  Our players worked hard all season and sometimes it was hard getting them to leave the multipurpose room.  That really shows a passion for the sport.   It has been a pleasure to see the growth and development of all our players. 

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this volleyball season a great success.  Special thanks to Ms. Chow for the extra hours spent after school to share her many, many years of playing experience.  To my own kids, Darion and Sabrina, (AFY alumnis) who came to contribute their experience. Mr.Taylor and Principal Szeto, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their school program.  And, especially the parents for their tremendous support all season long.  Best wishes to all the eighth graders who will move on to play high school volleyball. 


With sincere appreciation,

Coach Norman Lew